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Queenie NAMED ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS OF BY WOMAN S DAY, NEWSDAY, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, BUSTLE, AND BOOK RIOT B Rilliant, Timely, Funny, Heartbreaking Jojo Moyes, New York Times Bestselling Author OfMe Before You Bridget Jones S DiarymeetsAmericanah In This Disarmingly Honest, Boldly Political, And Truly Inclusive Novel That Will Speak To Anyone Who Has Gone Looking For Love And Found Something Very Different In Its PlaceQueenie Jenkins Is A Twenty Five Year Old Jamaican British Woman Living In London, Straddling Two Cultures And Slotting Neatly Into Neither She Works At A National Newspaper, Where She S Constantly Forced To Compare Herself To Her White Middle Class Peers After A Messy Break Up From Her Long Term White Boyfriend, Queenie Seeks Comfort In All The Wrong Places Including Several Hazardous Men Who Do A Good Job Of Occupying Brain Space And A Bad Job Of Affirming Self Worth As Queenie Careens From One Questionable Decision To Another, She Finds Herself Wondering, What Are You Doing Why Are You Doing It Who Do You Want To Be All Of The Questions Today S Woman Must Face In A World Trying To Answer Them For Her With Fresh And Honest Jojo Moyes Prose, Queenie Is A Remarkably Relatable Exploration Of What It Means To Be A Modern Woman Searching For Meaning In Today S World

About the Author: Candice Carty-Williams

Candice Carty Williams was born in 1989, the result of an affair between a Jamaican cab driver who barely speaks and a Jamaican Indian dyslexic receptionist who speaks than anyone else in the world She studied Media at Sussex because her sixth form teachers said that she wasn t clever enough to do English, but she showed them all by first working at the Guardian Guide and then moving into pu

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    He put a hand on my thigh and moved it higher, digging his nails into my skin That ll be a pair of tights gone. This book is a bit deceiving Queenie is such a funny and lovable character, with what I think of as a very British sense of humour The book opens with multiple scenes that made me laugh and the author quickly builds up a warm and hilarious dynamic between Queenie and her girlfriends the Corgis , and betwee

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    This is the kind of novel whose excellence sneaks up on you The beginning is kind of rocky and I wasn t sure where the book was going but then it gets great and unputdownable and I held my breath reading as fast as I could to see what would happen to Queenie This is an amazing novel about what it means to be a black girl whose world is falling apart and needs to find the strength to put it back together There is so much ground cov

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    I don t think I ve been this disappointed in a book in quite some time.I m disgusted.Queenie with all of its rave reviews never hints at the alarming and problematic content.Queenie is a twenty something year old Jamaican woman who is just about at her wit s end She s messing up at work, and her boyfriend of two to three years just dumped her Her white boyfriend of two or three years this is significant.I want to be as clear as possible,

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    Rating 4.75I loved this book Such an unexpected gem of a read I went into this one blind I knew nothing about it, I read no reviews I frequently check out my library for new audio books I saw this bold orange cover of a book called Queenie It drew me in I listened to a sample of the audio A heavy accent by the narrator It drew me in I grabbed a copy of the audio and jumped right in.Queenie is a hot mess She s a 26 year old Jamaican woman, livin

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    4.5 Stars He paused and lifted his glasses to wipe his wet eyes You re full of fight Queenie Full of Fight He turned away and ambled back down the garden path, leaving me standing there unable to process anything he d said. This is marketed as Bridget Jones but I want to tell you that this is so much than that and I mean much and much important that that.Queenie is a twenty something who is living in London She is Jamaican and it trying to f

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    Why I love itby Jojo MoyesI have to confess I have a prior interest in Queenie s author, Candice Carty Williams A few years ago, I created a competition offering up my cottage to an aspiring writer in need of time and space to complete their project Candice was the first winner, chosen from than 600 applicants She had never driven outside London before, and it took her six hours to make a two hour journey the kind of thing that would happen to her character

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    This book explores individual and collective trauma in all its eye opening forms Queenie is such a well developed and layered character, and when you follow her through this book be very aware of judgments that may arise You may be frustrated by her choices but allow yourself to learn, understand, and be kindyes, even toward a fictional character because she represents another Awareness and hope are beautiful gifts.My favorite quote You aren t as alone as you t

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    free review copy I inhaled this in one afternoon Two things you need to know.1 don t go into it expecting it to meet that Bridget Jones description because it is WAY deeper and at times very emotionally dark That comparison is deceptive and sets readers up for confusion..2 you ll either LOVE Queenie, or get frustrated with Queenie but if you are in the latter group, maybe quick check yourself and make sure it s not age or privilege making you feel that way.I may write la

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    A tiresome novel that made me cranky Everything about Queenie screams middle school angst Queenie and her crew think and act like 12 year olds trapped in 25 year old bodies Take away some of the sex, replace their jobs with 7th grade classes and you have the tedious dramas of adolescence I liked the clever use of texts That s about it.

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    Whoever is trying to sell this book as a Bridget Jones alike is misleading people If you watch as much British TV, as I do, you would get a better idea if you imagine Queenie as a cross between Fleabag and Chewing Gum I wouldn t want you to open this book and expect a lighthearted dating comedy with a ditzy heroine who finds love in the end What you will find is a woman dealing with her past trauma and her recent breakup by engaging in terrible sex with terrible men, which eventually l

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